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Leslie Burg, Newton's Iraq Resolution
Bill Moyers, Restoring The Public Trust
Bill Moyers June 4, 2003
Howard Zinn at Spelman College
Bill Moyers May 15, 2005
Bill Moyers December 1, 2004
Sen Byrd Oct 17, 2003
Sen Byrd April 7, 2004
MP George Galloway Senate Testimony
MP George Galloway interview by Amy Goodman
Al Gore Nov 29 ,2003
Kennedy Oct 16, 2003
Kennedy Jan 14, 2004
Kennedy March 5, 2004
Kennedy: America's Future in Iraq
Mark Dayton Opposing Ms. Rice
Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Howard Zinn at Spelman College

Bill Moyers describes the effect of the growing inequality of income in America - where the average real income of  the bottom 90% of American taxpayers fell by 7% between 1973 and 2000.  He gives several moving stories of the impact of being poor and living in a poor neighborhood with schools with little funding, and compares this with the growth and financial success of large financial institutions.  He concludes with a challenge to each of us to learn the facts of present day American economic realities and calls forth the better angels of our nature, imbues us with our democratic impulse, and articulates our American Identity with its exceptional purpose and promise. Click Here for the entire speech.

In 1963, historian Howard Zinn was fired from Spelman College, where he was chair of the History Department, because of his involvement in the black freedom movement. This year, he was honored by the school and invited to give the commencement address. Click Here for the text of his speech at Spelman, given on May 15, 2005.

Iraq War Veteran Lance Cpl Michael Hoffman speaking recently about his experiences and why he is opposed to the war. Click Here to see a Video of the speech (may not work on all browsers).

Senator Ted Kennedy spoke at the The Johns' Hopkins School Of International Studies about "America's Future in Iraq" - "It is time to recognize that there is only one choice.  America must give Iraq back to the Iraqi people... We need to let the Iraqi people make their own decisions, reach their own consensus, and govern their own country ..." Click Here to see the complete text of the speech.

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