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Peace and War

A secret document from the heart of the British government revealed that Tony Blair privately committed Britain to war with Iraq and then set out to lure Saddam Hussein into providing the legal justification.

A statement by Senator Patrick Leahy, On The Death Of Marla Ruzicka, founder of  "Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict," which is devoted to helping the families of Afghan and Iraqi civilians who have been killed or suffered other losses as a result of U.S. military operations.

Civilian Death Toll in Iraq - Do you know the civilian death toll in Iraq? If not, why not? How many civilians have been killed by military conflict in Iraq since the invasion? What proportion of those deaths resulted from direct U.S. assaults on Iraqi cities and villages?

Paying the Price is a listing of hot facts from a recent study by the Institute for Policy Studies and Foreign Policy In Focus showing how much the War in Iraq is costing in unmet domestic and international needs.

Sgt. Camilo Mejia "I was deployed to Iraq in April 2003 and returned home for a two-week leave in October. Going home gave me the opportunity to put my thoughts in order and to listen to what my conscience had to say. People would ask me about my war experiences and answering them took me back to all the horrors – the firefights, the ambushes, the time I saw a young Iraqi dragged by his shoulders through a pool of his own blood ..."

Rep. Ed Markey has introduced legislation to ban the practice of sending prisoners to other countries for interrogation under torture.  Click Here to see the Press Release from his office about this practice and his bill.

The ACLU of Massachusetts has created a resolution for consideration by the Massachusetts Legislature which would affirm the basic civil rights and liberties of the people of Massachusetts in defiance of the USA Patriot Act.  Click Hereto see more information about this resolution.

NDPW members Prasannan Parthasarathi and nobel prize winner Dr. Bernard Lown have written a critical analysis of the proposed Boston University Bio-Weapons laboratory and recent U.S. policy on Bioweapons.   Click Here to see the Op-Ed piece from the February 23, 2005 Boston Globe.

The recent revelation that a laboratory slip-up led three Boston University scientists to become infected with tularemia, a flulike disease sometimes referred to as "rabbit fever," has fueled criticism of a plan to build a state-of-the-art research lab to study some of the world's most lethal germs in Boston's South End. Click Here to see the article from the Washington Post.

Howard Zinn argues in this recently published article that "we must withdraw our military from Iraq, the sooner the better. The reason is simple: Our presence there is a disaster for the American people and an even bigger disaster for the Iraqi people." Click Here to read the full article.

"Granny D" (Doris Haddock) argues that it may be time for a "Velvet Revolution" in the U.S. Click Here to read the full article.

In this article recently published in the Washington Post, Maj. Isaiah Wilson III, who served as an official historian of the campaign and later as a war planner in Iraq says that, while a variety of government offices had considered the possible situations that would follow a U.S. victory, no one produced an actual document laying out a strategy to consolidate the victory after major combat operations ended.   Click Here to read the full article.

Boston Globe Reporter Anne Barnard recently published an article describing how "the US military is drawing up plans to keep insurgents from regaining control of this battle-scarred city, but returning residents may find that the measures make Fallujah look more like a police state than the democracy they have been promised". Click Here to read the full article.

Click Here  to read Other Information, Reports, and Documents that have previously been on this site and well worth reading.

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