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A Declaration of Moral OutrageA Declaration of Moral Outrage
The following statement may be printed out in petition form with space for signatures. Click Here for the printable version.

We are outraged at the illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.

We are outraged at the fraudulent justification for the war and the lies and propaganda that the government uses to sustain it.

Our government and armed forces are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity: torture of prisoners, wanton killing of civilians, destruction of cities, massive displacement of populations.  We are outraged by these crimes and ashamed that they are being done in our name.

We are outraged that the Bush administration exhibits callous disregard for the lives and well being of our soldiers and their families.

We are outraged at the Bush administration‘s stated intention to exploit Iraqi oil resources to pay for the cost of the war and occupation. Control over Iraqi natural resources belongs to the peoples and sovereign government of Iraq.

The war has impoverished the peoples of Iraq and destroyed the physical and cultural fabric of their country. The United States should pay for what it has destroyed.

We are outraged that the Bush administration is squandering our public resources to fund this war of occupation.

Each day of continued occupation further destabilizes Iraq.  Each day of aggressive war creates more destruction, deprivation, and danger. The possibility of Iraqis developing a peaceful political solution diminishes as the occupation continues. The war must be brought to a rapid end. 

This war, which violates principles and values that we hold dear, must be brought to an end.

We will not be silenced by the government’s fear-mongering about terrorism and national security. 

We are signing our names as testimony to our moral commitment to turn our nation away from pre-emptive unilateral wars and rejoin the community of peace loving peoples throughout the world.


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