Cost of the War in Iraq
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Newton Dialogues on Peace and War

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If there is no change ... Patrick Cockburn
Surge to Nowhere - Andrew Bacevich
The Iran Plans
Finding a Place for 9/11 in American History
Doug McIntyre - Apology from a Bush Voter
Local lawyers aid detainees
Coming Back to Crawford
Constitution In Crisis
Bush - Iraq Radicals Oil Weapon
This page contains an index of articles of interest to the Newton Dialogues community selected by members of our Working Group from a variety of online and traditional media, both domestic and foreign. The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Newton Dialogues. They have been selected primarily because they present interesting opinions, points of view, or arguments that are or should be part of the public dialogue about the War in Iraq and related issues, or they contain information not widely available through the mainstream media.

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